Wednesday, October 17, 2007

20 Great Coffee Nicknames

Call it what you will, coffee is the way millions of people start every day. I've dredged the Net and come up with a list of great coffee nicknames. When I was a couple shy I made up a couple on the spot. Enjoy!
  • Joe

  • Mud

  • Java

  • Oil

  • Go Juice

  • Beans

  • Brew

  • Wake Up Call

  • Hot Stuff

  • Hojo

  • Express Train

  • Ink

  • Cafe

  • Embalming Fluid

  • Pentecostal Whiskey

  • Dishwater

  • Perk

  • Demitasse

  • Roast

  • Jamoke

  • Legal Addictive Stimulant

  • Feel free to add your own revelations


    Anonymous said...

    Please add to your list: "Pentecostal Whiskey"

    kludge said...


    ophelia said...

    how about 'black bean soup'?

    Anonymous said...

    "Nickel Crank" is another fave of mine